Bone rotation axis problem

Hello facepunch forum!
Have a serious problem with bones rotation, they have wrong axis angle:

Right now i have temporary solution by make max rotation angles on both axis just for make arm able to bend in elbow.

Is there any way how to change bone axis angles?

I found a way by my self. If some one need i can explain how fix this in 3d max.

Please do.

tell us

Ok, i will do today when come from university.

Ok, so:
to fix wrong bone pos i showed in my first message we need turn bone axis

for me, it was enough ~ 45 degrees on y axis to fix

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5 (just in case, i mean remove bone from modifer bones list)

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8

And of course, dont forget to link bones back.

Also, you need to do same thing for all meshes that have this bone in their rig. And for you phys model and ragdoll too. After all of this re export all smd parts of model. From mesh to phys model and ragdoll.


You can ask, why bones of my model look like so strange? I dont know, model was ported from blender in DAE(collada format) and all bones turned in “helpers”. If you have normal 3d max bones in model it will be much easier: just make pointed end of bone look in right way.

If you want fix finger pose, you need rotate finger bones axis like this:


Disabling and enabling “Always Deform” in the skin modifier should get the same result.

Well, where you was whole this time? I needed help so much.

Ok, this is really much faster than my method.