Boneheat weighting failed

i keep getting this error when i merge my armature to the mesh

what error

boneheat failed to find solution for 1 or more bones

Why does no one bloody help me with this am getting fed up of being ignored

That’s not exactly the attitude you should be toting if you wish to be helped. You’re not being ignored. But certainly not everyone is here to read what you have to say.

Excuse me i have done like 6 topics on this the past 2 weeks and no one looks at them

Someone might look at them if they had any idea what the hell were you talking about. You barely explained what your problem is. You didn’t even say what program is it in for fuck’s sake.

Blender when i try to rig my character i get bone heat failed to find solution for one or more bones

here is what the model looks like

Does anyone mind taking a look at the model and see if they can rig it up ?