Bonemerging is the best thing I ever heard.

Hurray for Max.

But instead, i’m using this.

Thanks to Dewdosable for making that.

Also, where do I get the halloween hats and that stuff and not this:

I want the stuff Dewdosable has in the video.


NVM, I found the halloween stuff and not the stuff in the url.

thanks I really needed to know your useless opinion

(User was banned for this post ("ass" - garry))

Can this work with players?

Not sure, but you could use RagMorph, which basically lets you play as a ragdoll.

You could try, let’s say you named a hat “thing”, then try these commands:

ent_fire thing setparent !player
ent_fire thing setparentattachment eyes
bonemerging_merge !player thing

That sounds interesting. Was bonemerging in Garrys Mod before the beta (I guess not)?

It has always been there.

Untill someone gets exact replicas of the tf2 player models for use (as a, well you know, playermodel), The hat just ends up in your characters thigh or less often, his feet.

Would that work with weapons to?

It doesn’t quite work with weapons, you are better off adding them yourself.

thanks for the haloween hats i wanted better looks for my ragdolls on garrys mod for hopefully better looking videos