Bonemerging - LOL

My friend just spent 4 hours on making this:
And now he just found out that it only works in singleplayer.

Any ideas why? / How to solve this? (We would like it to work in multiplayer)


I know you enough to know that neither you nor your friend coded this.

And “not working in multiplayer” is not exactly a useful information for this.

I tried it myself and it just seems to show a plain glock that does nothing when you fire along with a broken name and description.

it says in the code
SWEP.Author = “kipder”

I figured that out some minutes later.

If i’m not mistaken this is from the SWEP creator tool and he most likely didn’t include all the required code from the actual post of the SWEP creator.

looks more to me he built it off an existing SWEP, used SWEP construction kit code for the model and didn’t change the author
no reason why his friend couldn’t make it at all

On topic, I bunged his code into an include to make this easier to use. Helps get rid of filling your SWEPs with junk.