bones are "squished together" and not lined up with the reference mesh.

for some reason, the joints are extremely small and are all squished together around the area of the first bone in the skeleton.[/t]

yet for some reason they seem just fine in 3dsmax?

here’s how the QC looks:

$scale 0.1
$modelname "drlilrobot\peach_biker.mdl"
$body petch "peach_biker.smd"
$surfaceprop flesh
$cdmaterials "models\drlilrobot\peach\biker"

$sequence bindpose "bindpose.smd"

$texturegroup "face"
	{ "peach_face" }
	{ "peach_face2" }
	{ "peach_face3" }
	{ "peach_face4" }
	{ "peach_face5" }
	{ "peach_face6" }
	{ "peach_face7" }
	{ "peach_face8" }

but for some reason, the sequence smd looks like this:

Well no wonder, that sequence is telling all the bones to move into those positions.

Do this instead:

So instead of bindpose.smd use peach_biker.smd.

regardless of choosing the sequence or the ref as the $sequence, it still causes this issue.

I changed my post to make things a bit clearer.

Check your model to make sure all the bones are actually being saved in that position. As a quick way of testing you can open a new Max file and import your smd.

hmm, even in the ref smd it’s still squashing all the bones in there.

There you go. You moved the bones, but didn’t apply the transformation. I don’t know how to do that in Max unfortunately.

awesome! i reset the transformation XForms and here we are!