Bones dissapearing after exporting?

So, i have been messing around with the dota 2 models trying to create something cool with it. The thing is, i create my model, assign all bones to it, but when i extract the SMD, some bones are “unassigned” (if i import the file that i just extracted and click on “skin” on 3dsmax, some bones are not there, but they were there before i extracted), which prevents me from creating the .mdl. What is going on? I tried cloning the bones thinking they were corrupted or something like that, but for some reason they keep “not compiling with my model”. Sorry for my english, i tried to make it clear enough.

You assign all bones to the model? Don’t you mean you assign the model to the bones? Also, what kind of model is it? A character, static prop, something else (a little more precise description please)?

Bones tend to be lost during compiles if they aren’t assigned to any part of the mesh even if they are in the skin modifier.

never heard of bones getting list in export though.

Maybe he thinks he assigned them but he didnt?

I actually got it to work by assigning a bone to 2 meshes at once (when i posted this i only had one mesh and the bone was dissapearing on the export)

Kinda strange, but it worked.

Recommend any QC command to force bones to compile even if they are not assigned to any part of the mesh?

I’m stuck on this parts for days.