Bones don't show up after compiling in studiomdl.

So, long story short.
After a successful attempt to get a custom static model from maya to sfm I decided to try it again with a model with two bones, annnnnd…it doesn’t seem to work well, because after I compile it and view the model in HLMV the bones I made are not really there. The only thing I get is the “static_prop” bone and nothing else. I have compiled it in the SFM’s studiomdl and following the steps from THIS tutorial
How can this be fixed?

Some images and copies (ignore the missing texture, atm I didn’t bother making the vmt file):
The model in maya:

And in HLMV:

Also copies of my .qc:

And the reference .smd:

Haven’t messed with models in a while but $staticprop makes it static thus discards bones.

Thanks. It helped. Such a stupid mistake :slight_smile: