Bones not in the right position

Hey guys, thanks for stepping by!
So I tried to make a playermodel in blender and everything went no problem until I tried it ingame.

This is the model and the bones in blender:

This is ingame:

There’s a problem with shoulders (upper arm). When they’re ingame they seem to be lifted up.
Thanks for helping! <3

Rotate the bones in Edit mode, export, compile, test. Keep doing until it’s fixed.

Another idea would be to delete the armature, import the hl2 skeleton in again, and rotate the bones without screwing it over this time.

[editline]the game[/editline]

Upon further inspection, this problem might be due to the way you moved the bones in the model. You see, if you grab an arm bone and shove it somewhere, the game, when animating, will put the bone back in the position it’s supposed to be in.

The only way to solve that is by modification of the arms themselves in the mesh, or make a new set of player animations.

Thanks man! I think in this situation the best thing would be to make new animations, because the model itself is not human like. If only i knew how… I’ll research the web, but thanks again! <3