Bones Tips #1- Base Building

Hey Ya’ll so I have been running around the world of rust and I must say I have seen some pretty easy bases to raid. Im ready for a challenge! Here are some tips so people like me dont end up in your base!

  1. 3x3- I honestly believe a 3x3 Is the SMALLEST base that you can practically make into a secure base. 3x3 bases have a central loot room so right off the bat it is at least 3-5 C4 to get to your stuff.

  2. Get your loot away from outside walls- In the U.S. we have a lot of tornados, you are always told to hide in the most central part of your house… your loot should do the same. If someone sees loot boxes on the outside of the house they will build stairs and blow down that wall.

  3. Foundations & Pillars- If you build foundations and pillars around your house (yet lot attached) and slap a pillar in the middle of the foundation this prevents anyone from building a stairway-to-heaven straight to your loot room

  4. No central stair case (BIG PROBLEM)- never have a stair case go more than one floor up… if you have a 6 story base and a 6 story stair case they can easily access all floors of your house. build a stair case on opposite corners of your house so like first floor on the back left, the next floor, on the front right.

  5. False loot rooms- on the way to your real loot room you should have a few rooms with loots of crates, but nothing in them… they might think the base is abandoned and leave, at the very least you eat 2-3 more of their c4.

  6. Have roof top access- be able to get on your roof, have grenades to rain down on raiders, but barricades on it to for cover.

Hope this helps. Happy building!


Good tips, I hope some newer people see this. Its currently really easy to raid people with nooblord house layouts.

Thanks buddy, only trying to help.