You know, there are some actual Dark Souls models?

i like this except for that weird bloom

It’s supposed to look like the sun is setting behind the ruins.

That would have worked better if the viewer could see more of the outside and maybe some treetops. Or something, just so that we know its coming from outside. Also, if you add a lamp behind the knight shining on his back, the viewer could see the light from outside reflecting off his armor. It’s also known as rim lighting I think.

Anyways, I quite like the pose! Gives a very cold and dark setting which you pulled off quite well. Only a few clipping/prop errors as well as some of the lighting, but overall good work!

Try putting a soft orange-yellow light behind him for bounced / ambient light in that case.

I tried that; it looked very harsh and unpleasant. I need to find a way to soften up the lights for stuff like this…

Turn down intensity then. There’s an option to do that.