So, I tweak around with 3ds messing with ragdolls, headhacking and the like…thought i’d take a stab at something from scratch…

First model, be gentle.

Criticism and helpful tips GREATLY appreciated.

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Really useful are you?


Looks nice but I think that it should be a little more soft around the part where the tube connects with the sphere(IMO).

Yeah trying to figure out that part, atm.

just kidding, I would do what santz says. And maybe make the shaft longer?


For a first model, I made a simple glock.

I dont dig drugs imo

The bottle part is made out of a cylinder and a sphere where it should only be one continuous shape, not 2 separate. The idea is to extrude edges and polygons and then vertex edit them, not intersect shapes.

Done and done

It still looks like they are intersecting.

agree x999999

congrats on your high poly primitives druggie

Doesn’t mean you need to bash this guy for making a model.

Im not bashing him, im just making a statement. Ive seen 3 kids that were in my classes drop out(not including others NOT in my class), or get into horrible accidents because of drugs. sorry for going off topic guys :stuck_out_tongue:

Fuck 'em if they can’t control their intake like the rest of us they deserve it.

On topic: Yeah it’s a bunch of clipping primitives but I’m going to use it anyway. Think you could improve upon it and release a v2?


The beginnings of a shitty lighter!

You should really work on your smoothing groups for that lighter.

POT and the Source engine, never thought about the two mixing.

Really? You think the guys at valve weren’t doin’ a little something while making HL?

“Duuuuude, headcrabs.”


Looks a lot better. :o

now i’m getting somewhere methinks.

That was outstanding.