"Bonk this, you pervert!"

Scout, you know better then to talk to women like that. Especially ones that are members of a paramilitary organization and are trained in CQ combat.

(He asked if he could “BONK” her. In the butt.)

It is so… colorfull :3:

Better luck next time scout.

I am scout rainbow’s make me cry. -Spy.
I did that since the combine said “Colorful”
Anyway nice i like it.

Does the scout represent you?

Head Shot

Scout likes her women tough and manly legged.

Face posing and angle is great!

And the Plot thinkens once more.

Nice faceposing, but I lol’ed more at Chesty’s comment :stuck_out_tongue:

The colours are a tad weird IMO, like candyland.

Scout can’t seduce womans for sure.

Not only is this slightly different from the other generic bullcrap, it’s well posed (mybe Scouts face could be a 'lil more painful) and both models fit 100% due to their comic apperiance.

To sum it up:
It rocks :rock:

I actually like the colorful settings. A bit different to the other color schemes I see. Not that I don’t like those to. Just saying…

I like intense color schemes, the world just seems dead without a few in-your-face colors here and there.

Poor scout, he could not follow my teachings well. He shall be punished by an army of servants upon his return.

Thank ye.

Stupid Scout flirting with the Green team.
Cammy fits really well with the TF2 models.

Anyway, the colors are too extreme for my taste.

Perhaps I should have given her one of her red-colored alt. outfits…\

EDIT: Although, her organization is named “Delta Red”…so she would be on Red. (She’s got a red hat and gauntlets after all…)

Just saying because it is her main color, in fact, the only ones with the team color anywhere else other than the main body (default without a hat I mean) are the soldier and the spy.
But the red outfit would have been a good idea.