i want to say something first.

1st of all I used sfm (as it is obvious) after a 2 day introduction to it and a freaking struggle to fix a problem which didn’t allow me to animate.
2nd of all … I’m posting this video (which is pure shit, 100% honest) cause i want to hear other peoples thoughts about it. Any thoughts will do
3rd… Let’s just see the video

Well…umm…what am I supposed to say? Bonk?
But what were you trying to do?
(no troll)

it’s my very first video , i was out of any ideas and thought of making the first thing that comes to my mind.

And is the lip sync alright?

(plus i would actually like to hear any ideas that i could use to make another one where I’d probably know how to use it better)

I still don’t think you understand the point of this being the Garry’s mod video section, not the team fortress 2 section.

so… is that were we post all tf2 related stuff?

If I type “Bonk” on youtube, I get 100,000,000 shitty TF2 videos. This is just one of them.

ok calm down , what’s with all the rudeness . You can explain it gently like a normal person , I surely didn’t know that page cause im not sitting all day on facepunch browsing stuff like you guys, so I didn’t know.
thanks for the info

Common sense, if you had lurked a little you’d find most of us here simply hate LUL SO RANDUB XDDDD videos and the likes. Even 5 second shit like this

ok i know that it’s shit , cause i made it like in 30 mins and didnt put much effort to it , i don’t care if it’s good or not , my problem is you people go straight ahead to tell me that the video is shit and that you see shit like that all day, ok you’re right, i didnt say you were not… , im just here to ask questions geez

Well what else is there to tell you when that is the truth that we DO believe it is shit (even you do), and that we DO see things like this all day??

There is absolutely NO way to give you any constructive feedback on how to improve your video, when you yourself say it is infact shit and you put no effort in it. Just trying to explain, not scold you

sigh, im just going to stop this conversation here , cause i know where this is going…