BonkDM - Open Beta - BonkDM

Beta Server Info:

BonkDM is currently just a Deathmatch gamemode, with some cool features, so if you feel like shooting people, come to the BonkDM server with some of your friends.[/release]

[ul]Working “Q Menu”[/ul]
[ul]Custom HUD[/ul]
[ul]Badass Scoreboard[/ul]
[ul]Working Stamina system[/ul]
[ul]Working Weapon Drop system[/ul]
[ul]Working Money System[/ul]
[ul]Map changes every 50 kills[/ul]
[ul]More to come[/ul][/release]


Beta Server Info:

Developers: Jova

Former Developers: Co Bullet (And Darkspider for writing the first 10 lines and coming up with the name.)

Screenshots or videos of said gamemode?

coming up

Can’t wait to try this :v:

Its not by Java/Co Bullet, its edited by them but originally developed by Darkspider… Does nobody give proper credit anymore?

Darkspider did around 10 lines of code, check the original gamemode if you wish, all he did was give the player a crowbar and emit a sound. (Sound doesn’t even work.)

Darkspider fucking scripted literally 10 lines and thought of the name.

And my name is “Jova” not “Java”.

I dislike the view


Maybe have toggle-able veiw, 3rd and 1st

Agreed with BurningPride.
That HUD Has nothing badass in it.

Might I also suggest a donation system.

Never let donators get Admin…

$10.00 - -certain amount of money-
$20.00 - -certain amount of money- and so on.

Maybe the higher amount of money paid, the player gets a different colored name in chat? Along with an exclusive shop maybe?

Im going to change up the view. I will post some pictures in abit of possible views.
As for donations. We are still working on the shop in general so im not going to do add anything else until later.
As for the hud. I have a nice concept picture, its jist wether or not Jova will make it.

Alt acc ftw.

Don’t make the edited view official til I see it. We need to agree on something.

And I will make better hud in the future.

Its really fun gamemode but it still not finished theres more to come.

Jova it’s me that infenro was talking about. I’m learning more lua, and mapping too. I can still help just message me


(Is it just me or is the tiny pic website in mexican?)

It’s just you :v:

Hey also, I can map for you if you need it.

It needs all the maps it can get. Try to make it an out doors - natural map. Post any map development pics here: (Gotta log in to see)

this looks neat, I’m coming to the server right now.


there’s no one playing :saddowns:

Updated the hud.

Still pretty horrid.