| Trouble In Terror Town

Hello, we here at would like to invite you to one of our new servers. It is currently a 16 slotted server with a United Kingdom, London host. We provide users with one of the best services of gameplay and have them to enjoy themself with a cheat, lag and deathmatchers free server.

Our server will be using the gamemode ‘TTT’ or ‘Trouble in Terrorist Town’, we are using a vanilla version of the gamemode along with original Counter-Strike Source maps.

This is a brief description of the gamemode.

What is Trouble in Terrorist Town?

Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT) is a gamemode for Garry’s Mod 10. It’s about a group of Terrorists who have traitors among them, out to kill everyone who’s not a traitor. - Taken from

As this may sound like a Deathmatch gamemode, it is more of a mystery game and using teamwork and decieving to win the goal of the game.

Now the most important part of the server itself, the information!

The IP Address to access the server is as follows:

That’s That, folks.

As a new community, we mostly run of donation funds donated from users who are granted the V.I.P Status. This package is a one-time pay deal for only £2. The package includes:

-A Unique and Genuine Votekick command allowing the user to get rid of pests while admins are not online.

-A Few Admin Commands, As you may think ‘LOLOLWTF DONATE FOR ADMIN’ these commands are not any ‘Fun’ commands or ‘Abusive’ commands, they are simple commands such as: playsound or votekick, they’re are many more.

-A Custom Forum, This area is where you may talk with your other V.I.P Friends, Learn secrets from the staff or server, Access to hidden content.

-A Title of your choice, this title is used on the forum under your name, It can be anything you want.

-Early access to Beta’s, Demos and V.I.P. Testing’s Areas before anyone else.

Now the team, a big credits to all those who made us come to be.

Server Owner:




And A Special Thanks to:

-Elited Fish
-And all the users and players of BonkersGaming.TK


  1. “Cheat free” yet you have scriptenforcer disabled? Even with it enabled, that’s a promise you can’t make.
  2. Your FastDL isn’t set up properly.
  3. .tk
  4. Your server is unstable - while I was aimbotting away to my heart’s content, it randomly crashed.

Dude it was set up today.

Just got banned for killing people when i was a traitor…lame



Got banned while i was AFK with the reason “no”

Banned for killing while traitor because someone screamed RDMER…

I hope to god nobody buys V.I.P.

This guy’s a huge fucking dumbshit, he went on my server then added everyone in my server to his friends list and stole 10+ players. Now they keep playing on his server.

Go win your players back! Also your coo how could they leave you :frowning:

Bonkers isnt the right term for your servers, Perhaps you should rename it “”- Ye its not good enough its a sub domain.

No im not trolling, after playing on your server and seeing what goes on this should count as consructive critisism

By the look of this thread your server is complete shit due to your retarded-ness. Good day.