It’s too damn dark in gm_parasite to take screenshots without using the flashlight.

use lamps/lights ideot

Well duh…

What’s with the blur?

I used the superDOF ingame…

But i think photoshop is better.

Nah, superDOF is good, but I think it looks a lot better if you set the shape to .5 (I think) and passes to 16, I changed those and it looked a little like that. The posing is excelling, lighting isn’t bad, but the models look a little bit flat. The problem with photoshop is that it isn’t a real aperture blur, eg things farther away are more blurred and things closer are less blurred, with photoshop everything you blur is going to be equally blurred and it doesn’t look quite right. Super DOF simultes the aperture and blurs by distance.

I shall try that, thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

It’s a shame that these models have the same face.

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the jpeg quality is terrible. did you forget to set it to 100?

I don’t get the “NSFW” tag. This isn’t NSFW (lol double negatives).

Well, i’m a bit lazy but i’ll fix it next time i take pics in Gmod.

Now you mention, i think Tinypic has something to do with the pictures because the quality is better in my screenshots folder.

I like it, apart from the image quality.