Boob Ninja

Well, almost

I’ll probably end up stuck in the ground too.

How many time do we have to tell you, no means no. Bigjerk

hits with stick

That’s a form of rape, sir.

No, Bigbodyguard, no.

Not if she’s asleep :v:

then that’s sleep rape.

I’m surprised it wasn’t boobie trapped.


That’s why I have a Spas :smiley:

I can now sleep safely, knowing that Stiker will protect my b-…

Wait what?

You have much to learn in the art of the boob ninja young bigboom.

And what do you know of the arts, madman-sama

Young grasshopper must learn too grab tits with art of prowling tiger…

Teach me then Boobie One Ka-know-ie.

First take out your hand.

hillarious , better luck next time

Now that was just silly! :smug:

Silly, But fun.

I thought no means yes

Not when Strikers around

You know, you could just tear her in half, and have threesome.

It wouldn’t be rape either

Took to pic 6 before I caught on. I laughed. Receive funny.