Boobs... Tutorial

It’s been hard finding good boob tutorials.

Anyone modelled good boobs before and would like to share how they made it?

I already looked at the Joan of Arc model and reference pictures but it’s so hard to model those danm things! The Joan of Arc tutorial boobs sucked since they were… Freakishly small…

I’m not trying to model huge mammaries. Also, I’m not making a nude model, it’s just better to model nude AT FIRST, then add clothes, without releasing nude version.


Also a hip structure tutorial would be great.

Boobs are really hard to do, I know by experience. :v:

And I usually mess them up several times before I re-do them again to get it right.

Tits. Where are the tits?

Get some resources OP. :quagmire:

I tried, but I caught myself fapping. :frowning:

Xero has some nice tits… I mean he made them very well…

Oh how I miss Xero ;(

This is an Ok tutorial I think. (Got a naked real refrence picture :q:)

but she has block tits

Well, modelling boobs is quite easy once you get hang of it. But before you do, there’s a lot of trial and error. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s one of mine, not perfect in any way, but you get the idea.

And yeah, I’m quite lousy at modelling humanoids. :v:

That’s still a lot better than what I could hope for to model :v:

i never knew you can adjust the size… why dont people just “fix” all their skin change models? If you catch my drift…

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i find it funny that a moderator is talking about creating boobs, especialy because he is using the top gear guy as an avatar

He’s a modeler though. What does moderating have to do with that?

I also have a hard time with this, lol in my opinion out of modeling all the hardest things such as hands, face, ears.I still find this one challenging

well if any of you make a naked model id test it out for ya… im looking for a big boobed model designer cuz im a huge pervert and i have a comedy server… thworing huge boobed hot people at walls is hilaious.

What I want to know is why you bumped this thread?


Let’s hear it in, I don’t know, 12 hours?