Booby Traps Snares Ect

Id like to see crafting of Booby traps snares since u can craft grenades im sure rigging traps would be possible maybe even digging a trap wooden spikes making them take some aggro dmg. Maybe be able to find oil,gasoline other flammables in a town or whatnot can make traps around the map or to protect the buildings. Even something as simple as a smoke bomb someone triggers and a cloud of smoke showing there whereabouts even blurring visions. what are your thoughts abt this?

Booby Traps would be awesome.

then i can become a pinata

Cool idea!

Yeah I posted the idea for spiked stakes in the “Underground tunnels and escape routes” thread.

Booby traps would make the game very interesting but they would have to balance it out to make sure no traps would be OP

Booby traps should be only be able to be implemented into house, like you have to build special wall where you can add that trap, or pressure plate, or wire from grenade to door if door disappears it will explode, if it wont be only house part, people will spam around your bed and you will die a lot, and also loot areas and stuff, this would mean it would be too op.

That would be fun to make lol

It would be a bit too abuseable people would just sorround they’re bases in like 500 of em and they are golden.