Boobytrap chests

As I was thinking of all the possible ways to fuck with raiders earlier, everything from having multiple floors with armored/scrap metal doors in every possible socket to troll bases filled with landmines, I got what I feel like is a pretty legitimately good idea:

Booby trap chests

Chests that, once placed and activated, serve as nothing more than a raiding deterrent. On the reasonable end, they could shoot barbs at the raider (or homeowner who forgot which one was the trap) that cause bleeding, or they could just straight up explode, or shit, why not have both?

“But guy, if they shot barbs out of the front, then raiders would just start opening chests from above, or behind/ to the side”. BAH! Think with that brain of yours! Just place them in nooks that would make rear or sideways entry impossible!

Could you place loot in them?

Fuck no, that’d be a waste of time and defeat the purpose of it being booby trapped! Or maybe they can have loot placed in them, I don’t know why you would on account of getting shot up or blown to pieces upon attempted retrieval of said loot, but rust is a free world I don’t see why not.

So, is this a good idea? I don’t know, I’m a gay retard, all I know is that I had this beautiful idea and wanted to put it out there. Fuck for all I know someone has suggested this before.