Boods sanbox server

Boods sandbox server is a dedicated server where you can build and have fun with your friends.

installed stools and packs
Prop protection
Prop protection can be enabled and disabled on your side. this is enabled by default. and you props can be shared with people of your choice. this is powered by “simple prop protector”

Admin mod
Ulib and Ulx admin mod made us admins be able to easily kick and ban minges. so minges won’t be your worries.

Building packages
PHX, stargate and Wire allows you to make the most imaginative contraptions you can think of. Contraptions really come to life with these.

A selection of four sandbox construction maps to choose, This can be done through a votemap. the following maps are to choose: “gm_wireconstruct”, “gm_contruct”, “gm_flatgrass”, and last but not least “gm_construct_flatgrass_v5”

Smartsnap is installed on this server. this allows you with much more easy use of stools like easy weld. Because of the simple “snap to grid” function usable with the “use” button. this works in most stools.

Parenting stool
Don’t like welding everything hundreds of times when making a big contraption? and then finding out the welds spazz out because of weld being too wobbly? Super parent multi v2 beta is included in this server. this is a far more stable way of welding props together. and also you can select multiple props to weld to the so called “parent” prop

At the moment we’re still looking for admins. We only have two admins at the moment. Don’t bother asking for admin. when one of our admins finds you classified he’ll contact you. and tell you to contact me with the then given data.

Why would you prefer this server above any other of the sandbox servers?
1, Simple prop protection allows you to share your props with friends. so you’ll not be limited to builing on your own. while you’re still protected form minges!

2, Nice admins. since all admins are od trusted source, and you can always contact me on admin abuse. ( Trusted source means very few admins get selected. and only the best will stay an admin, also admins are friends of mine.

3, Requests. stool or map requests can always be done trough mail: “” Or through PM. these requests can be both dutch and English. ALWAYS include a download link and explanation of what it does and why we’d want it on our server. If not all of these are fulfilled your mail will be flagged as Spam, meaning I won’t receive them anymore.

4, Any problems found on my server can be mailed to “”, or PMed to my facepunch account, in both dutch and English

Server IP

Playerlimit: 16

If you played, and found my server worthy of donation. You can donate to the paypal account: “

I see 50 thousand of these. The way you said everything makes me think you’re patronizing us as well.

I didn’t try to get you to patronize. I just tried to make a polite and attractive server advertisement that will hopefully attract some players to the server to create a community. and since there are 50 thousand servers like this one. it still is your choice if you want to choose this one, or not.

Finally a server who isn’t buying admin.

Why would I sell admin? this’d only attract the wrong kind of players to my server. Admin has to be earned. not be bought.

Good thinking. :slight_smile:

thank you, I just want a community in there thaqt players will enjoy. no server based on adminges.

I might check your community, it sounds pretty well!

I’m glad you will! The server doesn’t have many players just yet. so I hope you’ll be one of the many players coming to my server

I can provide you a SMF forum you know?

Well, That’d be very nice of you to provide? what do I have to do?

Stargate mod has been added, as requested.(requested via mail)

Well we can take this over Facepunch mails shall we?

“Finally a server which is not selling admin.” FIXED

Have they changed it?

PM is also possible indeed. I’m changing it in the OP right now…

server downtime has been fixed. We had a bad ramstick which caused the server to crash.

please use the modify button, it might avoid a ban on your side.

ok I will next time.