Boom head shot

a little ragdoll posing i did a while ago coments would be apreshated


Upload it to somewhere.

This will be shit. I know it.

Headshot, not head shot :eng101:

Atleast he knew image tags…

Epic posing, mate!

[dumb]I like the guy who is doing a barrel roll.[/dumb]

Srsly people learn how to upload.

This really speaks to me.

got you make garry look like a poseign noobie

The poses are great, but a simple edit would have added so much more to this.


There, I added a bit more gore.

Nice job spartan thats so cool what you’ve done.

You know it’s astonishing just how many people make this mistake.

I kinda feel sorry for the guy…Nawww what am i thinking?

Its failed assassination all over again :confused:

I bet hes not replying cause of how failtastic it was. Good pic :slight_smile:

More like spider pyro

Very cool pose! Love it.

Successful troll is successful.


Awesome! So cool!.. Uh yeah, rated box.