Boom! Headshot! With a twist! .. I guess

Ze twist ![/media]

Also : The logic of 2fort’s sewers


(No, the flamethrower doesn’t has a double propane gaz, it’s just the water reflection oO) <-- If anyone would be so kind to ragdoll the hairs, it’d be very nice! And you’ll get a cookie.

(I have no idea why I’ve made those poses, probably to request the hair ragdoll lol…)

Click here for an actual screenshot


Lol nice.

We need Team fortress women.



Undershirtless sniper?


White women got no ass.

Second picture made me :lol: because it’s so fucking true!

2fort sewers have gotten me killed so many times.

Fucking Water.

I think if they raised the water level a tiny bit more and then if you crouch you can get out of the fiery panic.

The first picture shouldn’t even exist, but the second is true.

@ Sonic fan, it’s the other way, at the start you could duck in there to extinguish yourself, now you can’t because you they found it more balanced this way :frowning:

I like camping on the landing as the engineer in the sewers