Boom, Headshot.

Boom. Headshot.

Thanks for standin’ still, wanka.

There isn’t much to say other than to turn up your graphics.

I’m on high, high resolution, high shaders, etc.

Not on AA though.


Pardon my computer illiteracy.

…I’d advise fixing it so that the sniper’s glasses aren’t in his cheeks…

Edit: AA=antialiasing

How do I know which AA to run on?

I use 4x. Anything higher is barely noticeable in my opinion. Might be different for these “critics”.

Uhm, so, where did it shoot him? I can’t find a bullet just random blood on his side but nothing else.

Camera angles are unimpressive, in the first pic he doesn’t appear to have been shot anywhere (no bullethole), faceposing in the second pic is just stupid, and I’m pretty sure you would only give a thumbs up like that if you were a quadriplegic (my uncle is one, so I would know)

(In fact, the second sniper’s facial expression looks like one my uncle would make as well)

really hard to tell where the impact is