my only complaint is that, going towards the mountains, the forest somehow feels like it ends far earlier than it should, like it should go on much further to give a more convincing illusion of distance. it kind of takes away from the scale of the shot. otherwise it looks great, certainly has one of the more original color schemes i’ve seen lately

Love it. Can’t figure out what’s on the table inside the house though … looks like some kind of a backpack?

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Ah, just grasped that it’s a dead deer. Well, that changed my mood.

you don’t like hunting ck?

anyway looks fantastic brim, great composition and lighting as always my only complaint would be the mountains look a bit low res, but that’s just nitpicking really.

Digging the rimlights on those treetops and character. Also I know it’s weird, but I really like how you handle exposure and bloomy lights coming in through doorways, you did it here the first time I noticed it:

I feel like the low-res mountains kind of take away from it.