Boosting Is Must Fix

Our server wiped and so therefore built a new base. A big one of that, i log on to find meself raided already… c4 is a low cost for high stone walls now so that makes it easier, but what needs fixing is this ability to boost friends. Gosh knows how much they skipped of my base due to boosting.

This needs fixing

Build your foundations higher. Nothing wrong with jumping on friends head.

Jumping on your friends head is fine, this only allows you to boost up one wall and is not that big of a deal.

BUT, I don’t like how if you’re on your friends head and both start jumping you can boost up two stories, which is a bit unrealistic to me.

Honestly to prevent this:

  • if there’s no one online that has access to the property all the walls collision should sorta stretch to the top of the up axis so nobody can climb over.
  • Walls should still be destructible.
  • Boosting should stay allowed, it’s not so OP when online as you can then defend yourself more easily from a good cover whilst they’re fucking around.

We had boosting in some gamemodes we ran in GMod. We just allowed it as long as you didn’t get outside of the map, since in Rust there is no outside of the map it should mostly be allowed.

You need to learn how to build a base :wink: can’t say boosting is broken when it just exposes a flaw in your build process. ALWAYS go 3 walls high on a foundation that is somewhat level with the ground.

There’s no reason to make walls behave any differently when offline or on. As others pointed out, it’s more a flaw in the base design than one in the game.

I found a way to make an amazing base. But yeah, I agree in a way. Part of me enjoys it when raiding, I like the teamwork, but the other side of me just sits there and thinks how much we’ve just exploited their base.

Because Rust is all about realism :ok:

helping someone climb a wall is easy in real life; why should it be any less simple in a game? just shoot them, or put things in the way like higher walls.

I find boosting fine. All you have to do to prevent it is to build your walls higher.