Boots with Speed Attributes!

The boots could have speed attributes, what do you think?

I think it is of crucial necessity that the freshly spawned and naked run very fast especially that they are already at such disadvantage. Thus said… maybe the more items you carry the slower you run (I don’t like this idea) or the more equipment you wear/yield the slower you run (better). Maybe boots could make up for the M4 you’re wearing so you can run as fast as a naked?

I’m sure somewhere down the line they’ll implement items with attributes that can change a player’s stats. As of right now, the equipment doesn’t do anything but keep everyone from seeing your wee-wee flopping around and all the items are weightless.

Boots should actually make travel either faster or easier on rough terrain as bare feet should slow a person down especially on rocks or through woods

its an interesting idea, but i think more likely would be boots reducing running stamina cost.

it’s not that they make you run faster, they just protect your feet and stop you running slowly.

I rather clothe’s stick to doing what they actually do, which is keeping you warm. Everything else is too RPG for Rust.

Or those damn Lego fields.

The “boots” right now are crafted from burlap. Until we get high-quality leather boots, seeing an improvement in running speed with burlap would be unrealistic.

Burlap shoes provide:

  • Very little protection. (The Lego pieces always get through)
  • No foot support. (For running…faster)
  • Running through the mud all day with burlap sponges on your feet is a good foot infection waiting to happen – if you happen to get injured.

last time I checked high quality leather boots are not the running shoes of choice… I have never seen a track star use boots to get an improvement in running speed. This whole thread is stupid… this is not warcraft… you want a running speed buff from boots?

No not a speed boost but you should be limited with bare feet. Possibly make running impossible on rough terrain until you have proper footwear. I also am looking forward to the day that being naked in the snow biom actually kills you. If you want to talk about stupid things thats a very stupid thing right now.

Taking it a-bit to literally are we? I am pretty sure we are not going to be seeing an Nike $120 running flats. You understood the point I made, but took it in a childish direction. I’ll edit my post to say “shoe” instead of “boot” just for you sister.

Cute post… “sister”… its clear who the child is.

There’s many ppl and tribes who’s barefoot in tough terrain all over the world, the feet get numb and hardened etc.

Your kidding… right?

Not in the north! And we were not born i to rust we appear hear fully grown and apparently the clone machines didnt give us hair or pubes but they gave us super tough foot skin? Im quite sure he tribes that go bare foot do so from birth!

Sure maybe not in the north but then again what country has 3 different biomes within a 20 min run to eachother. . And sure the tribes go barefoot from birth but that its quite irrelevant since the body will adapt to new conditions and in this case the feet will adapt to the tough terrain. Anyhow I couldn’t care less if the game was realistic or not, but adding different speed on boots seem like a waste of time.

There needs to be a reason for crafting clothes! Why bother wasting cloth if there no improvement in circumstances by makng and wearing this gear. I the movement penalties would justify crafting footwear over not having them. I doubt FP plans on nakeds being as common as they are now when release date comes so why not discuss what benefits should or could be given to craftable items. If clothes are just a fashion statement then the game will be more like Barbie on bath salts IMO

Did u play legacy? All clothes had different armor/stats and that is prolly the plan for the new rust aswell.