I have no idea why is this happening, but probably the latest update is the culprit. I’ve uninstalled the entire rust client files and reinstalled them, but Rust seems to be stuck in Bootstrapping process (note: Rust Legacy seems to be fine). Is there any uninstalled rust files left over if I uninstalled them by Deleting Local Content? Because I see Rust Legacy History still intact.

I also can’t check Steam Stats.

Stuck on Bootstrapping too after latest update

Update, now I can check Steam Stats.

Still unable to play Rust.

I am using Windows 8.1, with up to date Nvidia drivers.

Might be windows 8 related, currently theres some bug where windows 8 is detected and considered a cheat by EAC. Not saying it is or if I know for sure, just the best guess I can provide. Garry stated he and EAC are working on the issue, if I recall correctly.

Stable version of Rust seems to be fine, I am able to play the stable Rust branch, but that’s not the main branch, so there’s no players T_T

Before the dev 47, I am able to play Rust without any issues.

same problem here, but before the update my pc crashes when i joined a server