Borderland Story

Went for a rough styled type of graphics here. Hope you like:yarr:

I really like how in each picture, it stays true to the theme and atmosphere of the story. The quality of each image remains consistent in each frame. Good lighting and posing as well. Especially the last image. But not for any particular reason >.> Haha, nice job mate.

suddenly boobs

Download link for map used? Reminds me of Riverwood somehow.

"Hmm i can’t find a good punchline or story point

i guess i’ll add boobs"

One of these maps

Mount it in Gmod.

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Yes make it simple^^

yes tonight i sleep good haha


not kidding though, when i say this has merit. had the pictures been larger and of less compression(?), my little dancing man would have reached full height

sadly you only manage a half chub at 5.47/10 boners

Aye the compromise with comic and size. Went for this solution though. Here is a bigger one if it pleases

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Yes I see now I should have added guns in the end. Silly me. Me thinks you completely missed the nature of the story.

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Thanks. The map was low texture quality to begin with, so I had to find a middle way. Some Gimp work to keep the theme and it turned out ok:smile:

there’s just as many bland boob poses in the nsfw forum as there is bland gun poses here
quit using this excuse

Rastifan rejects our reality and substitutes for his own

So we should post dicks now?

Oh ye sillly goozes. Everest and Joazzz have faith. I shall guide thee through the pink unicorn field.
Do you guys even know how to have fun? Because you do certainly hate seeing others having it^^

theres more to fun than boobs and lesbians

Yes of course, but it is defiantly a part of it. If you disagree, you should come out of the closet:quagmire:

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See now we are having fun^^… And damn! I wanted this for so long. I will never get over the rejection:zoid:

Seriously though, I don’t wanna sound rude but my point is: All you post is tits, lesbians, and sex jokes, yet you criticize us for posting guns and army dudes.

there’s a big difference between fun

and you know
jacking off to video games and then posting the picture on a public forum

Ahh come on. That is me teasing you guys because you often slam me for my poses. I happen to like some of the army poses posted here.

PS! And when done like this, I really love it

So to fight bland military poses you opt to create a line of bland lesbian poses?