Borderlands 2 character skin color data?

Can anyone tell me where the color data is stored for Borderlands 2’s player character skins, and how to get it in a human-readable format? I’ve extracted a bunch of character models and textures, and I’d like to be able to color those who need coloring without having to eyeball it and find something that looks close enough. If I had RGB values I could just type into Photoshop’s color picker, and have the actual color the game uses, I’d have better and faster results.

You’ll have to color those in manually, I’m afraid.
Selecting with the lasso and using tinting to color things in worked for me.

That’s not what I’m looking for. I already know how to color them in (using the “comp” textures to mask out the areas to color), I want to know where in the game data I can find the actual colors themselves.

They’ll be the Material files that all of the “CD” skin stuff uses.

How to read the data outside of using the Unreal Engine editor, though, I’m not quite sure.

I haven’t really gotten down the details on it. I’ve only dabbled in the recoloring, myself.

Unless you’re wanting to do all kinds of skin variants, you’re probably not going to actually save time waiting for an answer than you will just coloring it yourself. It’d be nice if you could just color it all real-time, but I guess with as silly as Source is, you can only do that in L4D2 (and even then you sacrifice your normal map).

As far as I know, umodel can only read the model, material, and animation data really, and other programs can sometimes pull sounds and such. Code on the other hand is usually a lot harder, and surely with the way UDK handles materials, you’d probably get a bunch of encoded gibberish even if you could get it “decompiled.”

You’re probably stuck with eying it. The results aren’t particularly bad anyway (excluding the giraffe-like neck Lilith has).