Borderlands 2 Creatures

Monsters and creatures from Borderlands 2.


[tab]Description:[/tab] Creatures, Mordecai and his bff.


  • Multiple skin sets for creatures (except the crystalisk)
  • Mordecai and his BFF Bloodwing have face posing. (Bloodwing also has eye posing too.)
  • Armour bodygrouped for the varkids and spiderants
  • Separate bodygrouped tentacle for thresher
  • Finger and toe posing for whoever has fingers or toes
  • Mandible posing for varkid via right hand finger posing
  • Smaller and bigger sizes for almost everything.


Source Files:

Toe Poser:

Bodygroup and Skin Changer:


Fury_161 - showed me flexpairs for face posing.


Image by TheLaughingGod]


Downloading A.S.A.P.

Strange looking models but awesome job!

How are they strange looking? These are made of fucking epic!! Got my download.

rev up those sex poses

Hell, it’s about time … !

I love you so much, man. These are great.

Awesome as always oogaboogaman

Countdown to Shadman emulation begins… now.

-Sniped because my stupidity-

Look up ‘Shadman’


Very awesome, ooga! Great work.

How can i pose bullymong jaws?also are you going to port other specie variants like spring stalker, therramorphous and lil varkids?

Oh, forgot to say you can pose the bullymong’s jaws via finger poser tool, right hand I think. For the different types, the skin tones are random ones, and since there are different sizes too, there are little varkids. :slight_smile:


I still cant pose the jaws, instead the fingers pose, its because im doing it on gmod beta?

If I remember correctly, it is the right pinky.

It worked, thanks

Thanks for this. These are great to use. Any chance when you have time can you pull the vehicles? I especially would like to see the bandit Buzzard aircraft. Thanks again for the port.