Borderlands 2 Models?

Does anyone know where I can find some good Borderlands 2 models? I’m a spriter, and models are the only good reference for me to make sprites, and I’m planning on making some Gang Garrison 2 (2D Team Fortress 2 demake) style sprites based off of the BL2 characters. So if someone can post a link to the models, or even post images of them in this thread, I would greatly appreciate it.

In my steam group, I ported the 6 vault hunters along with handsome jack, tiny tina, and steve
they’re in here

Thanks a lot, 1337gamer. Glad you even got Krieg; I especially wanted his model

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Does anyone have models of the original four Vault Hunters seen in BL2? Or at least of Lilith? She’s the only other one I really want, unless someone has models of the generic enemies, such as bandits and psychos

Edit again: Okay, can anyone provide images of the models? Unless there is another way to view them other than just Steam; my Steam account won’t work for some damned reason