Borderlands 2 Models

Currently a WIP but I have started extracting the models from Borderlands 2 we seem to have most of the characters, but not really enough weapons and other items. Should be finished with exporting everything in the next few days, but I’ll leave it up to you guys from there on what you choose to do with the PSK and PSKX files. The fun part will be finding where most of the items are hiding, this pack was found in the startup.upk

Im guessing this will include stuff such as structures as well ?

I’m pretty sure as weapons come out variety will have to be found through bodygroups and bonemergable props. A static prop per weapon company would make sense.


Starting to think I should just pull the file if there’s not much interest for this.

I’m sure there is. Give it a little time. The porters may all be out to dinner or work.

You got a lot of work ahead, with over a gagigazillion* combinations, and the fact Gmod can only do about 10 models, or was it 20 textures, per model with bodygroups/skingroups.

*gagigazillion is not a real number

Anyone have a suggestion how I can properly separate the weapons since they are overlapping each other?

Post a link. I’m interested in the weapons.

You could try separate the bits according to company and type.

Tediore pistols, Tediore rifles, Tediore snipers, Jakobs rifles, Jakobs snipers, etc.

Good luck.

To anyone wanting to port Borderlands 2 stuff, I would recommend porting the Legendary weapons first, as I do believe they are always the same model, as opposed to the generic weapons, which are randomly made from a load of different parts.

Awesome. I’m looking forward to em.

Awesome! it’s a very interesting project!

Finally someone who gets the weapons from the game.
Awesome , really good job!