Borderlands 2 : UModel gets the textures to look like Shit

Hey, I’ve bin ripping from Borderlands 2 (I’ve gotten most texture good looking) But I’ve ripped Krieg the Psycho But, the textures are so shitty, it makes me disappointed to even Look at it in 3DS MAX… Any Help??? i’ll put up pics later… He’s seen from this Video.

You need to include the CharTextures.tfc file with the .upk (whatever format Krieg is in) when you extract.

Thanks so much. im planning to get the models extracted, them I upload them and release.Crap I have No idea how to do it…

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Allright, Never mind, it had custom textures, I found the Krieg textures

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Also, anyway to get the textures instead of the gray ones?

There’s no “regular” version of the textures, it’s based on how Unreal does colouring for the BL2 characters. Think of it as an empty canvas.

Along with the diffuse texture, there will be another texture which will look similar to the diffuse. It will probably be split horizontally, with one side having the only colors be red, green, blue, and black (RGBK).

This is the tinting map.

What you will want to do is load the diffuse texture into your photo editor, as well as this tint-map. Crop the tint-map so only the RGBK side is relevant. Then, resize this cropped tintmap to the same dimensions as your diffuse texture.

Overlay the tint-map overtop the diffuse as a new layer. Then, use a magic-wand selection with high tolerance (somewhere around 70%; play with the values a bit) and a 4pt feather. Select all of one color on the tintmap, flip back to your actual diffuse, and copy the selection from the diffuse into a new layer. I recommend naming this layer after the color you selected (red, green, blue, black.)

Once you have all four colors done in this way, you can disable drawing the tintmap, and the original diffuse. The four layers you made (one for each channel) should perfectly recreate the diffuse.

Now, you can apply channel mixer to each individual layer to recolor them.

This is the method that the Borderlands engine does to recolor the characters. Simply recolor to the desired color scheme that you want.