Borderlands Bandits!


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Thanks, to CrzyMLC, Angryrabbitgmod, and Scotchlover for testing, love you guys!

These fit well with the mass effect weapons Floatertwo and Haxxer ported!



Blacklight Retribution Pilot

Thanks to lt_c for helping me out with the shaders on the pilot, without you they wouldn’t look good at all!



This is awesome, I’m so downloading these.

Did you fix like the below the knee’s phy on the pilots?

also great work put into all these models! really great job buddy :downs:

as I said in Steam, A+ job

As you shown in steam, great job. Maybe I’ll do some texture variations, which reminds me I still have to do those ME style weapons for you :v:

10/10 would hit download on crotch again

Oh i’m downloading hard, i’m downloading very hard


Cripes, just as I was thinking about porting them. Looks like I won’t need to anymore. :smile:

if you were here i would kiss you

Great work, Ninja. :smiley:

Fantastic work, mate.

Amazing job Ninja, kudos to Lt_C as well!

very, VERY nice release!

Awesome release!

Aww Borderlands. It’s been a long time hasn’t it? Good job Ninja.

Could you make a mirror? I can’t download it. Thanks.

edit: Can’t download because 10kbps and thing is broken for me. You shouldn’t use dumb rating like that…

Awesome work. Its great that Borderlands is getting some Gmod love.