Borderlands Beta Content

Hey Everybody!
I was digging around borderlands’ files with UModel and i found a whole bundle of unused beta assets from the original art style of borderlands from 2006, the main cast is completely different, there’s concept art, lots of unused models, prototypes for the shield generator and a bunch of hud elements, here’s a few examples:

Concept Art:


You can view the files with Umodel which i assume most of you know already! Have fun with these!!7gRXFArQ!0xZdsnt9Y0frRvasDchU9jKTXEuZvpjHWLSXtRZrD8M

Maybe some of you didn’t saw it, but there’s also a trailer before an art style change.

That trailer is still p. cool, but it wouldn’t have been the same game.
Those characters model look so generic.


Yeah, they weren’t kidding with that one. What a disappointment of an ending.

Where exactly did you find these?

Because I have digged pretty damn thoroughly through both Borderlands 1 and 2’s assets with UModel, and have never seen these.

I’m honestly very suprised nobody seems to have found these before because they were just hiding litterally in plain sight, i basically just skimmed over everything in UModel searching for any files with Test, Demo, Beta, E3 or Unused in the titles, the one folder “Test” in litterally in the main CookedPC directory.

I saw these ages ago when Umodel first got BL1 support, but I never got around to doing anything with it

There’s quite a bit left unused actually in the old artstyle (like map parts for whatever Sanctuary would have looked like had you been able to go there in the first game), but a lot of things got shuffled around, some version of Tannis was the original Siren model, so was the Atlas leader at one point whose name escapes me. Lots of interesting stuff.

I don’t think there was much of any cut content in BL2 though

Yeah I saw those level assets too, very interesting, super basic and primitive modeling tho since I imagine they were just for a tech demo to show behind closed doors