Borderlands Characters?

I dont know if it can be done but would it be possible to get some Borderlands characters, such as: Beserker, Hunter, Siren, Soilder and a few enemies such as the midget psychos and things like that, much appreciated if it can be done?


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I came across this a while back
The guy that made this is actually a facepuncher, but I think he may have abandoned it. This is him if you want to ask

Why is this dumb? I was trying to help him find what he was looking for.

thanks dude, i’ve sent him one, just waiting for reply:)

Post back if he releases them please, I’d like to get my hands on these models too.

I know someone released that little robot thingy

I eventually plan on porting Marcus and Zed/Ned; the main characters will be harder to port because of how many colors they can have.

If you say so.

have you still got the models?:slight_smile:

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still no replyyy:(

still waiting:(

dude…don’t bump soo soon wait he maybe would reply



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It’s just been a day, dude.

I know that some of the items like the medkits have been ported. Here is what I found on

you should wait for a while too
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why don’t you put other things ,not only bump ok?