Borderlands Lilith topless model


i mod this model not finished

Her boobs look all squished, and kinda square in the first picture.

The boobs look deformed.

That’s horrible. And they are square.

Keep trying.
At least is better than nothing guys!
And considering bordelands style , it not really bad
go on dude
hoping to see a release soon

its ok, make bewbs better

white nipples

boobs kinda look small but otherwise you are doing fine!!!


her tits are painted on

I really don’t care either way about topless models, but those breasts look like someone tried to design some out of clay in 5th grade art class. They really need some work.

eh, my ex girlfriend had better tits.

I’d rather have nothing.

Or some porn!

Porn is good :smug:

Keep going dude , I liked it

Please god hope there’s jigglebones.

Same here…

Needs work, but shows some promise.

Any updates?

Did you make an account just for this?

sorry :frowning: i lost my hard disk and lost the model…
i have now a new computer with windows7, amd phenom 2 x4 gtx275…