Borderlands Model Rips.

I dunno if someones already suggested this idea, and I don’t know if its even do-able (since the characters change colour, it would be some weird model type, or a series of models), but I was curious as to know if anyone could port the characters from Borderlands into Garrys Mod.

If this can be done, I’d be very grateful, and I’m pretty sure you’d make alot of people happy.


There was a port of Claptrap a while back. Try getting in touch with the person who did that. Unfortunately, Borderlands models don’t look that great without the special shaders and stuff, so it may not be worth it.

The only shading applied to the borderlands models were the “comic book” outline. And there even were mods that removed that. And it still looked great. Someone should get to porting these now.

Nexus_Elite ported all 4 of them but he hasn’t released them yet

I was going to be porting Marcus, Dr. Zed, and a Skag.

Not sure if that’s what you wanted though.

I think he’s porting everything that may be why he hasn’t released it.

I’ll have to find out if he is, because if he is I won’t bother working on my ports. He’d probably do a better job than me anyway.

The more the merrier?
Seriously though, W/e you got I think peeps would be happy to have.
Better to have multiple models of variation then be limited to one standard model for each thing.

For Marcus, Zed and the Skag, I was going to have 2 versions of each: 1 cel-shaded, 1 non cel-shaded. That and Marcus was going to be a playermodel with all the same face flexes as the citizen.

That seems like too much work to service people who are incapable of editing the VMT in notepad to remove the cel shading themselves. I say why bother and just stick with one or the other.

I was going to include them as separate models, so people could choose which one they wanted.

I would really like to have these models as well. I’ve been looking forward to this since the game came out!

Maybe i should just release it. After DLCs from it. there was just too much. D;…

I’m just barely done with crimison lance, after their DLC addon.

Please do :smiley:

With nemesis.

Never mind then


So just out of curiosity Nexus Elite, did you port Marcus, Dr. Zed or the skag yet? I would like to know if you’re doing them, because if you are I won’t bother with my ports.

No go for it! D: doesn’t matter if i’m doing them as well ;-;.

But, no i haven’t done marcus or dr zed or dr ned yet. Make sure you get Marcus from the opening vid.