Borderlands Models?

I’ve noticed a lack of Borderlands models, including the four main characters. All I could find on was Claptrap and some props. I’m wondering if anyone could port some models or show me a link to some. I would love the aforementioned main characters and some of the bandits. I’m willing to wait for these.

Yeah I was wanting these too, I wanted to make a survivor pack of the Borderlands characters for Left 4 Dead 2.

I believe Borderlands doesn’t work with 3D Ripper DX without using global monitoring, and that’s only available for 32 bit OSes unlike mine.
I would’ve done it otherwise.

Pretty sure these lack bones.

Franken Bill
Crimson Mecha
Crimson Lance Probe
Crimson Lance
Crimson Assassin
Crazy Earl
Bandit Heavy
TK Baha
Arch Guardian

No Lillith in that list?

Rigged Lilith

If I’m not mistaken Borderlands uses the Unreal Engine 3 (probably modified) there is a chance UE Viewer works with it. It can extract stuff. it actually is compatible :slight_smile:

Someone already ported the Crimson Assassin, saw it on the screenshots forum. So happy about it.

i need this rocket launcher:


Ninja Nub’s porting some Crimson Lance guys

Great, good to see I’m not the only one wishing these models. EDIT: especially since the sequel is being released soon, and I preordered it already.

I know this is quite old, but do you know where i can find the dlc gun models or normal models from the games? i use umodel and only can find textures and upk files thx

The guns are assembled from parts by the engine. You will have to assemble them yourself.

Weapon models are located in WillowGame/CookedPCConsole/Startup.upk. Just load that package in UModel and keep skimming through the entries till you get to the models.

Weapons are seperated by weapon type (assault rifles, pistols, sniper rifles, …) and come with all weapon parts by all manufacturers in one huge mesh. Every part should be weighted to a seperate bone though, so you should in theory be able to build whatever gun you want by removing all the parts you don’t want.
Vanilla patterns and materials are in the same package.
I believe the dlc weapons just reuse the vanilla parts with new textures.

Good luck!

Since this thread got bumped and it’s somewhat relevant to the topic:

Does anybody know how exactly the _Comp textures and the skin system work?

I started working on a Krieg port (just for fun, I’m well aware that somebody already ported him) with the intention of maybe porting some more models later, figured out that the right part of the _Comp contains the masks, extracted the skin colours from UModel and got a result that was resembling the skin used ingame, but the left part of the _Comp textures seems to be a mask whose effect on the skin I can’t quite understand.

I played around with it a bit with TexMod to help me understand that part of the texture by blanking it out (black) and making it full green/red, but the results only further confused me. (can show screenshots, but didn’t want to ‘spam’ too many images at once)

Any help / link to relevant UE3 documentation or another thread that answered my question (searched but wasn’t able to find one) would be appreciated!