Borderlands Models?

Anyone make models/ragdolls?






More images:

zokni1211 this game is not out for pc till friday plus it would be weeks maybe even months before anyone starts taking the models out of this games and converting them to gmod. plus this thread is abit silly for now it’s too soon.

ohh…sorry but thy ^^

Yea wait till its out lol and then wait a few months for UModel to be updated for it (as hopefully it will), then we’ll be able to get at them ^^

okay i still waiting :slight_smile:

its been a day since you asked what did you expect to happen

I support this

Games out on the pc now.
Any news?

I’m pretty sure since they’re in that weird cartoon style, they will look really stupid in gmod.

Yes here if you’d even bothered looking at the front models/skins page ¬.¬

Thats only the vehicles

I just compiled the claptrap



If someone cbf to ragdoll lilith i will! but i need the model (my school has exams, cant get my hands on borderlands nor be seen playing it just yet)

Go nuts:

Yesss you have made me soo happy!

Does it come with UV wrapping or is my software playing up again?

** Edit: ** just spent 2 hours working on model with absoloutely no success… basically XSI 7 hates this model… ill try other stuff tomorrow

In max it comes with UV wrapping. I could try exporting as another file format if you want?

FBX or SMD pleassse! Thank you so much for these models!


Thanks again!