BorderLands outlines

Well Borderlands is one of my favorite game partially because of how it looks. If you’ve played it you know how the game sorta outlines everything i was wondering if i could do this with hammer? Will try to find pic in a bit.

just use sobel effect in post processing

Nub question,how do i do that exactly?

It’s in the q menu options

ah thank you

Isnt there any way he can trigger that postprocess effect inside the map? I’m trying to do this with another effect.

Not sure, would probably have to do it with lua

It’s called cell-shading just for your information.

I am kinda curious on how to create a cell shaded look in source too. I guess it is quite demanding on the engine.

You use two point_concommand with the commands:

pp_sobel 1 // to turn it on then use
pp_sobel_threshold 0-1 // to change the intensity

imo to get it exactly how you wanted, you would have to make a shader. afaik sobel doesn’t look like Cel-Shading.

Hmm, guess ill go have to figure how to make shaders then.
EDIT: Would it be possible for some one to make me this shader? i found this link, and it seems like you could easily change it to work but i am a bit at a loss on how to make my own shaders.

Like this guy?

How the hell’d he pull that off?

Lots of C++ coding, and hackish variables.

That is some really awesome shit.

Sorry, doublepost.

That video shows exactly what i was wanting.

There is a way you can do it in hammer, but it eats up a lot of your faces. If you wanted to make a cel-shaded cube, you could make a second, hollow cube around it with a couple of units between the inside faces of the hollow cube and the outside faces of the original cube. Texture the inside faces with toolsblack (and the outside faces toolsinvisible) and it will make your cube look like it has cel-shading.

problem with that is displacements wouldn’t be outlines same with models.