Borderlands vehicles

Hello everyone, it’s not really my first time here as im sure i released something ages ago.
Anyways what we got here is me getting bored after I beat borderlands, and thats when I got this idea. Hey. why not port some stuff from Borderlands. And so I did, and what we have here is the Out runner or out rider as well as the bus from the intro!

Now I’m not sure what I’m gonna do after this but im sure I’ll find something.

Oh and before you say it, yes i know the buggy has no turret on it, I took it off, don’t ask why but I did.

Well, tell me what you think.

Quick Edit!
Some more pictures of the Out rider

Pictures of the bus and Crimson lance are several posts below!


Cut Salt Racer and Cheta Paw!

Salt Racer

Cheta Paw

The salt racer was cut from borderlands but the model was left in, it supposedly had 2 forms, the current dragster form, and a form that had the front wheels apart and closer to the front main body of the car

As for the Cheta Paw, I’m pretty sure this is Mad Mel’s car thought I could be wrong.

Needs more buggy with a turret.


Yeah I’ll get around to it eventually, I was thinking of making them models on their own that way they would be able to turn and stuff.

The main characters, a few of the more common enemies, and a few examples of weaponry (maybe one or two of each kind, the ones which best portray the game) would be really handy, in that order. Of course, that’s a lot of work, so I guess you could just pick and choose and wait for someone to do the rest vOv

I can definitely get the guns, as for the characters, I know nothing about rigging so if anyone wants to help with that I could try and get them. Also if you have the game and got a gun you like, just post a picture of it and I’ll try my best to find it. Problem is most Borderlands weapons are split into diffrent models (Clips, barrels, sites, body, and others) which makes the possibilty of finding that a bit harder but not impossible. So bascially what I’m saying is, if you do request a gun, it might take me a while to find it depending on what is and how rare.

How about you rip them and then post the source files and let any of the riggers around here do it?

Rather have some one I can trust, cause last time I let some random person rig something for me, he claimed he made it and all that jazz. And honestly, it’s way too much work to go through all. And for all rigger’s reading this, if you feel that I can trust you. I’ll be more than happy to start handing stuff over.

I can rig port and rig this easy. I can even get some vehicles you don’t see in game.

Oh really? Well if you would be kind as to tell me what I missed, as I only know of a few cars, those being the bus, the out rider, mad mel’s car, and the red bandit out rider which im sure has skulls on the fender. also you wouldn’t happen to be able to get the gun textures too would you? I seem to be having problems with those and any information would be greatly appreciated, consider a way of gaining my trust.

Thanks ahead of time

WOW,thhis bus looks PERFECT for zombie-apocalypse-related pics :open_mouth: AWESOME :|_____|

Honeslty when I saw it in the intro for Borderlands, first thing I thought was Dawn of the Dead.

Oh, by the way - did you get all the colours for the Runner? You could use bodygroups/skingroups for both colour and turret.

Well actually I couldn’t, I was only able to find one skin for the car and it was grey, seems as though the car is colored in game or something, as the decals on the cars are also diffrent textures such as the skull on the black car, the star on the army car and the 00 from the dukes of hazzard car. Either that or I just over looked them. But in the mean time, i have the means of recreating all the paintjobs from the game so no worries.

Ah, yeah. That would make sense, actually - I remember from my Halo modding roots that the aforementioned used the same system for the Master Chief, even in SP. Glad to hear they’ll all be included, though.

Well I’m going through the textures I do have and I see a bunch of cool decals, so who knows, there might be more than just the original colors.

This is gonna rock when it’s finished!

Got an update for you guys. Now that I fixed the glitches, I’m pleased to present the Bus.

Im thinking of adding more skins to the bus just for fun, but after the out riders are finished

Getting gun textures is easy.

I managed to get 2 types of textures.

Though it requires some colors.

You need to get the texture from alpha channels.

Are you ripping or extracting the models?

I don’t like using dx ripper anymore.

So yes i extract them.