Borderlands Vending Machines

I have some extremely high quality rip/ports of the Borderlands vending machines nearly completed.
(I painstakingly reproduced their animations and holographic effects as best I could)

I also have their original sound files that I would like them to play randomly instead of their normal bullet impact sound.

  1. Is it possible to override the impact sound on a particular model withing having to write data outside of the addons folder?

  2. Would it be possible to play 2 sounds at once? The original bullet impact sound and the custom sound? I dont care about delays or anything.

  3. I dont want to delve too far into programming and scripting, but is there a basic lua method for this that will run form the addons folder?

There are 3 machines and each one has over 10 sound files containing humorous lines of dialogue which would make them great fun. Im mainly just sick of seeing those blue vending machines everywhere.
The pack will contain the 3 main machines, as well as the smashed up version as seen in New Haven, and 2 beta models that never made it into the game.


Very nice, I like the second one a lot.

What about Dr. Ne- I mean Dr. Zed’s vending Machines, sorry, how could I confuse the two? Dr. Ned is an entirely different person and is totally not Dr. Zed with a fake novelty mustache.

Sadly… I want this…
So many gun jokes just waiting to happen.