Bore after only an evening... that's my feeling about Rust right now. What is yours?

I join a fresh wipe server Monday, BP was not wipe so I already have all BP I need.
I Make a single run in the forest to gather enough clothe and fat to build about 4 to 6 furnaces, then find a good spot in water and build a small base, in no time the base was almost unraidable except coming from the roof with a lot of C4… Then what…
I have nothing left to do… Can go try to raid other because they have all base on rock or in water to that is also unraidable, No I will never take three days waiting for enough C4 to craft for being able to raid a single base… I can go PVP with other that is outside farming if I could find some because most people stay inside crafting, and PVP is not fun actually, really imprecise, lot of lag, see nothing at all at night etc. (wish PVP will get to what it was in Legacy).

I know it’s Alpha and the game evolve rapidly and that dev work hard to implement knew stuff all the time and that’s great for the future.
But for me, as it is right now, the game-play was what it need to put the most effort into…

I have bout 1000 hours put in Rust already, Legacy was very addictive for me… but I think that now I need to take a break and maybe comeback later when the game play will be improve.

That’s my feeling right now.

dont judge the game b4 its done
u like it? u play it
u dont like it? u dont play it

If you’re basically playing single player with a chat then I’m not surprised you got bored. Make a friend or an enemy.

New Rust has some cool features, but I agree it can be slow and boring. Lots of running.

Legacy was much more fun than the new version. I still don’t like the mostly empty maps that are lots of empty rolling hills compared to Legacy. But maybe in a few months it will get better.

I also think the balance in Legacy is currently better (better progression, at least for a solo player). I can hop on Legacy in a few days (playing solo) make some steady progress - even though I probably wont have C4. On a crowded New Rust server, it is painfully slow to get established as a solo player. So much cloth needed - so little gained from each animal kill. : (

Also, decay adds a lot to legacy for a player. I can run around and look for far away/hidden bases that are decaying and get in to their loot even if I have C4. This decay really added a lot of fun gameplay to legacy - I hope they bring it to the new Rust.

First of all. 1000 hours in this or any other “alpha” game is a ton, so you just need a break in my opinion. And I just alpha in quotes because that’s a whole argument in itself. I also think this Rust is 9999999 times better than the legacy. It does how ever feel like a different game, but it overall better in quality and mechanics and lag. dont get me wrong there is a ton of stuff that still needs fixing and adding. I wish the would put the decay system back in, that did add a lot for legacy. If I had 1000 hours in this game I would probably be saying the same thing as the op here, as right now there is only so much you can do in rust.

What game doesn’t get boring after 1000hrs? Let alone an Alpha one. That’s a good return on a $15 investment.

You have all the BPs, so raiding is redundant. Regardless of how easy it would be.

So you’ll have to find something else to do -maybe make an arena and invite people to fight? Or maybe you could build a vast compound and start a small city, offering refuge to new players and taking a tax. Protect them (for fun) and get the word out in the server to encourage more and more villagers. Then you’ll also get more raiders trying to break in and that will give you even more to do.

In short, it’s a sandbox, so go invent some gameplay yourself now you’ve exhausted the provided bits.


In a sandbox, you’re only limited by your imagination. If you can’t find anything to do, it’s because you count on the game mechanics to give you something to do and lack imagination.

Man…1000 hours? I have 500 nearly and I thought that was alot. No wonder your bored

I’m not a builder type… building is not the part I like the most in Rust, PVP is what I like most… defending my base against enemy raider or attacking and raiding other base is was give me adrenaline pumping fun in Rust legacy, even farming for resource was more fun. In Rust Legacy the game mechanics provide plenty of fun so for me RUST is not only a simple sand box… It was and it is still more than a sand box.

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Time past so fast when you play a game you like… :wink:

Or maybe, just maybe, the current mechanics of the sandbox provide a limited amount of activities.

I am hoping that something new gets added soon that changes things up a bit as well.

This is no slight against Facepunch, it is what it is based on the current stage of development.

i feel your pain 1850hrs here needs more ai to make a little more interesting
something like rad town dwellers that only come out at night with glowing eyes and shit

I’ll agree with this as well Rust is still very much in development. There’s a lot more to be added. This is just the basics of the core gameplay we’re currently testing. There’s much more to come. I can see how things can get boring if people have all the BPs, are all set up, etc. But with a little imagination, there’s always something new that can be done in a sandbox. We’re just a little limited with the tools currently available to us.

I remember playing the first alphas of Counterstrike and seeing it evolve over time until it because a final product. The core gameplay was still similar, but the final product was very different from those early alphas. I’m pretty sure the same will happen with Rust.

I stopped playing after last update, cuz nothing left to do. Buildings became almost unraidable after horizontal glitch got fixed without any replacement. Raiding is dead atm. Not interested to play.

try to play servers where gather is x10-x40. u will acquire resources very fast and the only one problem left is to find BPs

I’ve been absolutely loving this game. I play on London Development server, if you’re struggling and I’m on ([яѕквѕт] RıOт) I will give you some spare bp and resources to get ya going, or slay you if you attack me first haha

First off personal experience as a lone wolf shows that 1000+ hrs is largely due to several factors good and bad, like:

  • each week the game changes in some way, so really its like a new game or new gameplay each week. If Rust did not change there is NO WAY I would put in 1000+ hrs. Hours and Hours are required to attempt to master the changes
  • the majority of hours are due to LOST resources either through stupid mistakes, PVP KOS or damn suddenly appearing wolves. I am naturally driven to replay and beat the challenge or writhe away a defeated quitter.
  • many hours are due to balance issues in gathering resources and fending off foes. The game has been tuned some weeks in such a way that countless hours are required to make any progress. You cannot leave the game and risk losing all you have accumulated or built.
  • There is the PVP aspect and the “RUST” OF ADRELALINE you get when PVP is not a common part of your play. You engage in a battle and when you win, the fight continues with the panic you feel as you hurry to gather the loot. I have had friends and even seen youtube’s where the player is on verge of a heart attack. Putting in countless hours at a time serves to fuel this build of anxiety. You know that after many hours that this RUSH is just around the next rock or over the next hill.

I agree with the OP, like any other game, once you have mastered your method of play, its over and time to move on.

Personally, I am hoping for something a bit more game changing than the last few updates have provided, as things have gotten a bit stale for me. I’m a lone wolf without the patience to sit and make gunpowder all day, so even the addition of C4 didn’t change much for me.

people playing lone wolf are missing out. the fun in rust is to get to know people and interact. even if my group have 2 or 3 players including me (strangers i met while playing), i know some other group, i have enemies, and sometime we even throw party at night and invite our enemy just for 1 night over a fire.

I agree. I played lone wolf for over 1,000 hours, and thought it was the way to go. Then about 3 weeks ago another player convinced me to tag alone with his team for a bit, and I have been playing as part of a group ever since. I still go off on my own for a couple of hours at a time, build my own base etc, but playing as part of a team, sharing resources and BPs, working towards common goals and against common enemies, has opened up a whole new dimension of the game to me.

I did all… play as lone wolf, as part of a clan and with one or two friend. Lone wolf in the actual Rust is not the way to go as the land offer no place to hide a small base, the landscape is really to smooth to hide anywhere, in Legacy you can hide a small base in mountain more easily.

Solo is a lot more challenging and fun in my point of view, really need to hide and watch everything… but in the actual Rust if you are not a builder type you have nothing to do as a solo player. In fact after you’re base is secure, solo, small team or clan, nothing left to do actually.