I hope you’ll like it guys. Enjoy. ^^

fucking incredible.

Thx lad.^^

This truly is amazing, awesome work! Have a winner.

I was not expecting to see something this awesome today.

Thx lads. Much appreciated.^^

I cannot get enough of well made HL2 universe pics, this appeals to all my wants. Very nice work here.

New desktop for me :3

Guys, you always make me happy. Everybody makes me happy for your comments and critique.^^

This is a great piece of work.

wow the lighting

It’s gm_black right? The scenebuild?

Amazing work, i really love the lighting, how long did it take you to make this ?

holy shit, this is one of your best man

Åmäzing wörk mäte!

You made my day.

Most excellent

It’s scenebuild on gm_black, yea. ^^

Thanks Vikster. Much appreciated.

Thx Cpt.

Thx mäte!

Oh, really? Thanks.

very nice

You just single-handedly confirmed Half-Life 3. Mostly because that is one stunning picture, congrats!

Wicked. Wish to see it without depth of field.