Bored and looking for something to do? Try and break my WIP gamemode!


Just looking for some simple testers while i head off to college for the day

Its a bit far from complete but i have a bunch of game mechanics working properly so why not do a prealpha “release”


Default map is: pi_dev.bsp

Pick up loot at big machine
sell it at the control panel at base
buy health
buy armor
play shotgunner with hacking tool and hack enemy control panel for loot
Getting cash should add to the teams score
Using cash should deduct from the teams score (you dont keep your cash on team swap)

The loot limit is $1500 for all classes, and health&armor max is set at 100 and 100 respectively

if you can somehow get higher amounts or find another bug
post that here

Hey dude that hud looks really awesome, anyway I can use it for my DarkRP?

Why do you think DarkRP Can be better with just another HUD?

A lot of people can’t help but judge a book by its cover.

I don’t care man go ahead, it’s in gamemode/cl_init.lua

I’ts a bit buggy on OSX but i’m not sure if thats Gmod or My code (still learning how to use lua for gmod)