Bored Coder


I have been coding for Gmod for quite a few years however i took a break for a short while. Im looking at coming back and im just looking for some roleplay server or another to do light coding work free of charge.
Really looking for somewhere with a decent community and friendly players to spend my spare time rping and coding outside of my college work.

I have coded many things in the past and at one point i was selling stuff on coderhire.

Some of my previous work:

… Yes, i am infact this bored… but please no 12 yearold server owners, Even i have standards.

Just saying not ALL 12 year olds are terrible server owners. Although I agree it is rare… I’ve only seen 1 good one so far.

Well, how about making a NS - HL2RP plugin that lets you use a cleaning SWEP as a slave Vortigaunt? That would be amazing.

I’ve been working on an Admin mod the past few months. I could use a hand creating some of the commands and ‘extra’ shit like that. Hit me up on Steam and I can give you a demo of it etc…

I’m a community owner ( And I am not 12 :wink: ) and I am in the process of creating a custom RP gamemode, a few things are done but not much, I would need help with some things like inventory etc. If you’re interested, add me on steam. ( doggy9182 if it doesn’t work from FP )

Cool, can’t find you however, try adding Aicrian.

Will do, that sounds fairly interesting actually.

Afraid im not too interested in HL2-RP, Sorry :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a working TV system that allows users to play any URL if you’re interested.
Let me know if you’re able to work with HTML inside LUA :stuck_out_tongue: