★ Bored? Things to do in Rust ★

Once you reach approximately 150 hours in Rust, the core gameplay tends to get a little repetitive. If you’re like me, and are trying to find something to entertain you in the game, this thread is for you! I want people to reply what they do in Rust to keep them occupied, I’ll even provide some of my own.

High Noon:

One thing me and my friends enjoy doing after we’ve established our base, have all of the gear we need, and are blowing up on resources, we start screwing around. A prime example is a game we like to play that we call High Noon. The objective of High Noon is for you and a friend to travel to Small Rad-Town. You must go naked, and the only items you can carry are a revolver with no attachments, and however much 9mm ammo you think you need (make sure you and your friend have the same amount of ammo to make it fair). After you get there, each person goes to the opposite end of the town, in the middle of the road. You count down from three to zero, and when you reach zero it becomes and epic revolver match. You’re only allowed to shoot the revolver from the hip, you can’t aim down sights, or make your own reticle.


I like raiding a big base full of several players when they’re away, then when they get back, I tell them that I saw a few players from another group walking around their base when I was chopping wood and start all sorts of crap on the server. (It’s easier to believe a large group of players attacked your big base and took all your stuff & killed you, than some lone guy who hasn’t bothered anybody else and keeps a low profile)

It’s great when you hear over global chat that they struck the other base and killed a bunch of the other guys and one yells out “He had my M4! and that guy had my bolt rifle!!” when I’m watching off in the distant mountain with both weapons in my inventory.

Then the other guys start freaking out and denying everything, which only makes the situation worse… and when everything dies down again, I go after the other group and pull some more puppet strings.

And right when one group is almost dominated and ready to leave the server, I sneak up to their base and leave a crate at their front door with some C4 and weapons/armour… just to drag things on as much as I can.

While everybody focuses on the smaller picture and attacking each other without much evidence and mostly hearsay and speculation, I watch from a distance as the human condition unfolds in front of me.

“How does that make you feel?”

“Interesting…” writes something in his journal

I guess you’re on a low populated server? If I go naked to small rad, I’d be killed before I can draw my revolver. If I even make it to small rad a live…

Yeah, it’s pretty tiny. We consider five people a ton. I’m planning on finding a new server to build up on with my team

Does anyone else have any fun things to do in Rust?

Start over. That’s what I’ve been doing.

You’ll have to decide between those two options. Rust or fun.

That’s what I’ve been doing too. It gets repetitive.

When you get everything researched and have tonnes of stuff to the point of having little difficulty from other players on the server and bored, then grab all your loot and gear, go to a section of the road, place 2-3 large storage crates there and offload all your stuff in them… then globally announce to the server that you left everything there for anybody to take and warn them that the Decay will destroy it all soon so act fast…

… then sit back from a distance and watch everybody go mad for your stuff.

Two things will occur but have one outcome:

#1 - Everybody will share and spread your stuff out amongst themselves and thank you.

#2 - Everybody will create a big blood bath as they fight over your stuff and eventually one or two players will come out with most or all the stuff.

The outcome is that you have very little and have to start gathering and building back up, and by the time you are ready again, those other players will be pretty strong and you will now have some targets and bases to go after.

Rinse and repeat every week or two.

run to all the rad towns place rocks in loot boxes and give the good loots to random friendly’s :slight_smile: did this for hours yesterday made lots of friends

praxius you sound like you know how to have fun :smiley:

Yeah Praxius, if you have a mic, do you want to play together? lol

I live in Australia and the times I can play are when my 2 year old son is sleeping in the next room, so I usually just communicate via text.

As for something else to do when you’re bored?

• Make a bunch of C4, head out to the small shacks of new players just starting out, wait until night time when they’re cooking chicken, place a small crate in front of their doors so they can’t miss it and drop x10 C4 for them so they can go take a look at some of the bigger bases up close.

• My Signature Move:
Blast into a base of 6-8 players when they’re all offline, take all their stuff, drop everything you can’t carry and put one single piece of cooked chicken in each crate for their troubles, then fix the holes you created in their walls, etc. so when they log back in, they have no idea wtf happened.

• Someone else mentioned to me a while back that you can wait until someone is offline, blast their metal doors, then replace them with your own but unlocked so they have no idea they’re not their own doors… then one night, just waltz right in and scare the crap out of them.

• Someone else mentioned that you can walk up to a small base while someone is inside, sneak up to their door and play the air drop sound over your mic and when they come out to check where it is, blast them… but then just leave their stuff for their troubles and run off.

• Make a base that has a tall tower to one side of it that has windows at the top with no metal bars. Make it so that it’s easy for a player to build stairs up to it so they can crawl in, but make it so that when they crawl in, there’s nothing but a 6 story drop onto a row or two of spike walls, which kills them. Have on the bottom floor a metal door so you can go in and loot their backpack after they die. Have another wall to the side a barred window so you can shoot any survivors through… like a fly in a trap.

I like to watch the twitch streamers play, and see where they live. Then while they are streaming I block their door with a shack or something and watch them rage on stream while playing annoying mic spam like rick roll over the mic.

Sometimes when I build a base I also like to make a 1x1 next to it with a ramp and open ceiling so people can fall in, but not get out. I’ve gotten full Kevlar and M4s from people falling in accidentally.

Building onto peoples homes while they are home becoming their roommate by force.

Sneaking around at night playing scary sounds/music.

Trolling rad towns by blocking the entrance with shacks/baricades so people can’t loot them.

Messing around with sleeping bags, getting under rocks, on top of mountains, etc.

Dying near a big base and listening to their conversations. They don’t think anyone’s around, all while I’m on the death screen listening to them. I got door codes like this before.

Overall I like bugs and glitching stuff, thinking outside of the box since vanilla rust is boring for me now. If anyone knows other interesting ways to play the game, or bugs, feel free to let me know xD

Be a annoying tribal man and creep around bases chanting until chased

If your so board come mine resources for me / build a base. My bases no matter how hidden I make them always seem to get raided or crapped on. I run with 1 other friend usually and we only get 1-2 hours a night to play if we are lucky so it takes longer to build up.

Revolver duels sound like fun. People could stand 10m away from each other facing the opposite direction. Another person shoots there gun and then both participants must turn, aim and fire without moving. Sounds like a good way to solve disputes.

Praxius has the right idea

once you have played over 500+ hrs its more fun to see how other people play the game.

I’ll give full kev and 4 c4 to a new player and go with him on a raid.

other things i like to do is when i raid people i carry 250 stone with me to leave messages in large crates
(also works for your own decoy rooms)
like “LOL”, “haha” “noob” the limited amount of space forces you to be creative but once you get that message in global chat “did someone leave messages in my crates?” you cant help but get all giddy like a little girl.

I’ve found just not playing the game for a while helps to refresh things a little - been off a few days now and I quite fancy a game. Got quite a bit of work to do though.