Boredom Shenanigans [Comic]

Got bored, so I did another comic, feel like I finally aced laying it out properly as well.

[sp]first time working with a nude model as well[/sp]:tinfoil:
But anyway, C&C if you can and enjoy.
Thankyou to Bloo for advising quite a bit of it, and to others I got opinions from.

we don’t read from right to left fyi, arrange your speech bubbles accordingly

Noted, thanks mate.

Speechbubbles should be laid out in order from left to right - meaning, the dialogue that comes first should be on the left. Remember to plan your poses accordingly, so that the guy that speaks first is on the left, otherwise it’ll be a mess.

Other than that, pretty good layout and fairly funny, good job!

Cheers man, knowing your involvement with comics that means a lot!

i get the point, but without a proper punchline and you know
it’s just not very funny
lol, boobs! isn’t a joke by any level


i guess this’d be funny on a pskins sense of humour though so props to you there

I think it’s good, not much to say that haven’t already been said.

Keep it up yo!

Could have been funnier, I was expecting some sort of punchline within the last few panels.

Still good, though.

Hey cool, new comic! Well done mate.

Thanks mate, good to hear!

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Just curious, what did you all think of the posing itself? This was less focus on text and the matter and more posing/composition.

Posing & scenebuilds are really neat. Wondering what that map is in the last and first slides with those japanese paper windows?

The posing/composition/DoF were great. In fact you probably don’t need to be quite so meticulous with your posing, since comics take a lot of effort and people will understand if you don’t have the time to perfect every pose. But if you don’t mind putting in the effort, more power to you!

By the way, what console settings do you use for your dynamic shadows?

Posing was fine, nothing bad but also nothing particularly noteworthy (though the “sexy nude” posing I imagine may have been tricky).
By composition I take it you mean the camera angles, background stuff and positioning of the models in the shots? Those were fine, but frankly, this comic is very much “Perskin Thread”-style in that regard, and it’s not a style I like very much. By that, I mean there’s too much focus on making each panel look like a fancy standalone screenshot and editing being minimal and generally kind of rushed (in this case, for example, your speechbubbles generally don’t even aim at the characters’ heads, let alone the mouth).

I’ve been blamed repeatedly not so long ago of supposedly thinking my style is the only valid style, so I’m not gonna act like there’s anything actually wrong with this type of comics. While I don’t think anyone can deny the “Perskin Thread style” actually is a thing, I know it’s probably just my personal preference not to like it very much, so don’t take that as criticism. Personally, I just think a comic’s pacing doesn’t justify each panel being treated as special, but then again I do like to make comics with 100+ panels where the focus is on the editing and splash panels are only used for emphasis, so I’m biased.

TL;DR: everything’s OK, it has a very perskin thread style but that’s not necessarily bad, just not something I personally love.

For my shadows I use:
r_flashlightdepthres 8192
r_projectedtexturefilter 0.1

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Yeah, the Perskin style I tend to use due to how much easier it is to assemble and can focus more on the posing. I’m most likely going to use a more comic-y style, but for now I’ll wait a little longer. I did see a tutorial by you that was very helpful.

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The map is nt_sanai_ctg1.

Not sure I got it. What was the punch line here? I assume there was one.